Velas Condos, the best Puerto Morelos condos for rent

velas condos, the best puerto morelos condos for rent

This calm jewel is the gate to the Riviera Maya and a paradise for any nature and peace lover. The outstanding colors of the ocean, match the colors of the great Maya reef found at 500m off the shore. We bring you the best Puerto Morelos Condos for rent.

There are many things you can do here at Puerto Morelos! This town is actually a modest fishing village, so the food here is really fresh and delicious you’ll love it! Not to mention the people are very friendly.

Puerto Morelos is also home to many artists and artisans so there’s a lot of creativity and magic around the city. Want to give this modest little town a try? We have a great condo for rent in Puerto Morelos for you and your family or friends!

Whats so good about condos for rent in Puerto Morelos?

Well, for starters, it’s only 35 KMs away from Cancun so you’ll have no problem enjoying all the fun from Cancun while having your secret place at the gates of the Riviera Maya so that’s a +1 for your Puerto Morelos condo rentals!

Velas Condos is as beautiful as it looks, literally sitting on the beach a bit north from the center of the town you’ll easily be able to walk to restaurants, shops and whatnot. You can even rent a small boat not far from your Puerto Morelos condos for rent and snorkel at the great Mayan Reef! The world’s 2nd biggest coral reef.

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Velas Condos Amenities

Among our amenities, you can find all the commodities a home needs; Two bedrooms with bathroom, ocean view, kitchen, A/C and fans, balcony, Wi-Fi and Cable TV along with a fully equipped house for your homely needs.

You can buy and cook local market food which is fresh and delicious and 4 blocks away from your home; very convenient if you’re looking for a beachfront condo rental in Puerto Morelos for sure!

So with all that taken into consideration, what are you waiting for? Come enjoy one of the best Puerto Morelos condos for rent you can find and don’t be shy, feel free to ask us about any concerns you might have!

Living room of Velas Condos in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Rent a condo in Puerto Morelos according to your requirements

Another great advantage of Velas Condos is that you can rent one bedroom without kitchen if you are traveling alone, or one bedroom with kitchen if you plan on cooking there, but if you come with family or friends the perfect option is to rent 2 bedrooms with kitchen.

Places to visit around your Puerto Morelos condo rental

Places to visit around your Puerto Morelos condo rental

Puerto Morelos Condo for rent: Your own piece of heaven

puerto morelos condo for rent, your own piece of heaven

Things only people who have found a Puerto Morelos Condo for rent know about the beach

things only people who have found a puerto morelos condo for rent know about the beach