Things to do in your Puerto Morelos Condo for rent during vacations

Things to do in your Puerto Morelos Condo for rent vacations

In Puerto Morelos, you’ll never run out of activities and fun! We’ve put up a list of things to do in Puerto Morelos so next time you find that dreamy Puerto Morelos condo for rent, you will know what to expect from this beautiful fishing village!

There’s an abundant amount of ecotourism excursions for you to book tours and go enjoy yourself, whether it’s a quadbike or a mountain bike or a zipline through the jungle, you’ll have a blast!

Activities in Puerto Morelos

So far we’ve told you about the means of transport available for you in Puerto Morelos, but what else besides quad bikes and ziplines? Well here it is!

Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

This is a very, very popular activity here! The world’s 2nd largest coral reef is 40m off the shore so you’ll just need a quick boat rent and your snorkeling gear so you can enjoy this natural beauty! The waters are also really calm and shallow!

There are straight environmental regulations though; in order to keep the reef unspoiled so only tour operators are allowed to take snorkeling trips there. Luckily you can find one without much work put into it. Best thing is we got a Puerto Morelos condo for rent right on the beach!

snorkeling in puerto morelos

Diving in Puerto Morelos

The marine park here brings many great opportunities for Scuba Diving in this beautiful paradise. For example there’s a ship that was donated by the Mexican Army! They sank it down back in 2008 to create an artificial reef and so far it’s been perfect! 30 meters below the surface, you’ll find this wreck totally covered in corals and many more colorful creatures.


There’s many things regarding ecotourism here, but among the most famous is Selvatica; 330 acres of ecopark and jungle to entertain from youngest to oldest audiences!

From ziplines to high rope courses to open cenotes to horseback riding in the ocean and many many more things to do right here at your very own Puerto Morelos condo for rent!

Activities in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos Condos for rent: a beachfront adventure

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Advantages your Puerto Morelos condo for rent has over a hotel

advantages your puerto morelos condo for rent has over a hotel

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