Puerto Morelos Condos for rent: A beachfront adventure

puerto morelos condos for rent, a beachfront adventure

You’re in search for Puerto Morelos condos for rent and you come across Condos Velas, what’s so special about this find? We’re about to tell you!

Condos Velas is among the top Puerto Morelos Condos for Rent, apart from having all the amenities you need to fully enjoy a vacation rental style of relaxing – This includes a fully equipped kitchen, entertainment systems and a quiet vibe that together will create the relaxing environment you want, we’re 40 feet away from the beach.

That’s right! Standing only 40 feet away from the Puerto Morelos beach has its perks! Now if you’re into water activities, this is a plus you will love, want to know why?

Snorkel in the world’s 2nd largest coral reef

Quite a delight we must add, Condos Velas is placed right on the beach and just a few more feet inside the ocean you can find the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef! A spectacular snorkeling adventure not many Puerto Morelos Condos for rent can offer!

This reef has been declared a National Marine Park, so unfortunately you can’t just boat yourself to the reef and snorkel, it’s usage is controlled and since Puerto Morelos isn’t as heavily visited as Cancun, experts consider Puerto Morelos part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Read one of the best kept secrets of the Riviera Maya!

The biodiversity found in this part of the reef is outstanding, with many many species of corals and fish, you’ll have a full sight of what it would be like to live under the sea, who knows, if you get lucky enough you’ll spot big sea turtles and other curious lively fauna of the oceans.

coral reef in puerto morelos

So, how can you get there? Piece of cake! All you need is a certified snorkel or diving guide to take you there, which isn’t hard if you chose Condos Velas while searching for Puerto Morelos condos for rent, since we’ve got a of these certified professionals as close as a 10 minute stroll on the beach.

Once you get your certified guide, it’s all fun right from here! We really recommend snorkeling at midday since the sun is perfectly placed for you to have that famous crystal-like visibility all Caribbean waters boast to have! Early in the morning can be a good idea too specially cause there aren’t many boats around so fish haven’t been disturbed – You’ll find A LOT of them.

So if you’re still wondering if you should take a shot at Condos Velas, just remember that you’ll be chilling on the beach front with your favorite drink and one of nature’s most beautiful gardens growing right beneath the ocean of your sunny view.

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