Puerto Morelos Condo for rent: Your own piece of heaven

puerto morelos condo for rent, your own piece of heaven

Puerto Morelos is the gateway to Riviera Maya and it is located 30kms from Cancun and 32kms from Playa del Carmen and it’s a paradise like no other; Want to know why you should be interested in a Puerto Morelos Condo for rent? This is why!

Its beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and the white sandy beaches are a trademark of the Mexican Caribbean and Puerto Morelos is known for this beauty. The relaxing ambient of tranquility for everyone who seeks a space to relax and rest is unbelievable.

puerto morelos condo for rent, a piece o heaven

This small fisherman town is surrounded by mangroves populated by tons of colorful fish, ancient sea turtles and dolphins.

In this beautiful place called Puerto Morelos, you’ll be able to find the world’s second largest coral reef in the world with extraordinary coral formations, perfect place for diving, windsurfing, snorkeling and other water activities that will make you fall in love with this magical place.

At the entrance of the town you’ll find the only botanical garden of the region where you’ll be able to see exclusive flora and fauna species, we also suggest you visit Crococun, which is an eco farm of crocodiles and other species that live in this region, you can’t miss out on that!

puerto morelos condo for rent in the beach

Puerto Morelos has restaurants with both regional and international food, there’s enough for every type of taste! But do not forget to try the seafood, being local and freshly fished it’s fantastic.

You’ll also be able to find any type of money exchange bank, car rentals, pharmacies, churches and everything your everyday life includes, so your Puerto Morelos condo for rent will become your 2nd home.

Overall, living for a small period of time or for years in Puerto Morelos is an experience like no other – Who doesn’t want to literally smell peace every day when they wake up and feel the caribbeans wind rush their hair?

Advantages your Puerto Morelos condos for rent has over a hotel

advantages your puerto morelos condo for rent has over a hotel

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Things to do in your Puerto Morelos Condo for rent vacations

Things to do in your Puerto Morelos Condo for rent vacations