Places to visit around your Puerto Morelos condo rental

Places to visit around your Puerto Morelos condo rental

Puerto Morelos is the jewel of the Riviera Maya! A fishing village full of art, nature and wonder! Check out these places to visit around your Puerto Morelos condo rental.

Reef Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

One of its most amazing attractions is the Mesoamerican reef filled with thousands of different fish and other types of sea life that live in this colorful coral paradise. You’ll need a tour guide to snorkel here because this is a marine reserve but don’t worry, you’ll find one easily near you.

This also happens to be the beach front of our top notch Puerto Morelos condo rental, along with a few minute walk to your closest tour guide, can’t get any easier than that!

Shopping in Puerto Morelos

If you like shopping for souvenirs and what not without being harassed by the relentless salesman, Puerto Morelos is for you. From hammocks to clothing to jewelry, art and lots more to choose from!

Don’t forget to visit Wednesday fresh product market at the towns square! This will be perfect to cook in your Puerto Morelos condo rental with fresh ingredients, after all this is a fishing village, it can’t get any fresher!

Shopping in Puerto Morelos condo rental

Have fun at Crococun

Crococun is the place you go when you wish to get close to nature and by close we really mean close. With your entrance ticket you also get a tour guide that will take you through this amazing zoo and introduce you to Puerto Morelos’ wild life.

Go Inside the Puerto Morelos Jungle

You will find out you have many reasons to venture forth inside the jungle, especially on Wednesdays and Sundays, because you can find the most famous Mayan Jungle Market; A chance to get some unique handcrafted artistry directly from Mayan artists.

Restaurants in Puerto Morelos

A surprise for your taste, Puerto Morelos has top class gastronomy! You will find some of the hottest restaurants in Yucatan, so if you’re feeling like dining outside your Puerto Morelos condo rental, head on to a coffee house!

If you fancy something that will indulge your sense of taste, you can find many world class restaurants with many types of cuisine; From Mexican, obviously, to Italian, Asian, Vegetarian, Seafood… You name it!

Cenotes in Puerto Morelos

These beauties are sinkholes in native limestone with water so crystal clear; you can see the bottom regardless of their depth, most of the times. There’s many ways you can get to a cenote from your Puerto Morelos condo rental, whether it’s by your own means after renting your own snorkel gear or with a guided visit, you’ll love this experience.

Cenote in Puerto Morelos condo rental

Your vacations in this modest little town are guaranteed to bring you the peace you’ve been longing for! And with most of these amenities just a walk from your Puerto Morelos condo rental, you won’t have any problem getting the best from Puerto Morelos!

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